Simple and effective fundraising for student groups


We set up your fundraiser

Just tell us about your group and why you are raising money and let us do the rest. We create a customized fundraising page for your group. There are no minimum requirements or set up fees.

Start your fundraising campaign

Get your fundraiser started in minutes by having each student easily register and share the campaign with their social network. Track each participants progress in real time with our easy to navigate leader dashboard. We provide you with the tools and our proven system to maximize your fundraising results in just 7 to 10 days.

*We do not ask students to enter third party emails into our database.

Wrap up and profit check

We provide you with detailed reports including the amount raised by each participant and ship any products ordered by your supporters. We also send your profit check within ten days of when your fundraiser ends.

Fundraising Products

Maximize your fundraising results by offering your supporters something in return for giving to your cause together with the option of simply making a donation.

Connect With Us

Email: [email protected]
Call or Text: 800-682-8316